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Liberty Square is a space for Locals subscribers to connect over mutually beneficial exchanges. While financial transactions can't take place on this platform, LS provides a venue for buyers and sellers to meet and get to know each other. Independent contractors/ small business can tell the Locals community what they have to offer. Locals subscribers who want to keep our communities thriving and cancel-proof can see goods and services that others in the community provide.
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The Plebcast, Ep 4: "The Penguin Pill" Part 2

Truman believes "Is it comfortable?" is the wrong question to ask. We discuss his advice on content creation, public speaking experience, and political evolution.

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Locals: @ReturnToReason
Twitter: @mymundanemind

Since my guest encouraged me multiple times both while we were recording and after not to edit the beginning, I left it in.

Also, had to release this in two parts because I'm currently limited to uploads of 1 hour. One day we'll get to 1k members and this won't be a problem any more.🤞

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